Prep-list Cockroach Treatment

Prior to Treatment

Please review the following instructions for the kitchen and bathroom.

  1. All cupboards and drawers need to be EMPTY of EVERTHING! Dishes, plates, glasses, and all food must be taken out and from under the sink. (Do not place on counters)
  2. Everything needs to be removed from above the above the refrigerator, and stove and cabinets .
  3. Bathroom: Everything needs to be removed from under the sink and out of the drawers.

During Treatment

People must leave for 4 hours. Please ask in regards to pets.

After Treatment

After the treatment has been completed, you can help by keeping all food debris cleaned up. This will help the cockroaches to eat the baits we will place (second treatment).

Additional tips for after treatment:


  • Wash dishes after meals (it's a pain, sorry!)
  • Clean counters often
  • Remove trash nightly
  • Never let trash pile up next to the garbage can!
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