Meet Rudolph II 

Dogs have been man's best friend for centuries, helping with protection, companionship, and scent detection. A certified bed bug dog is extremely accurate in finding bed bugs and their eggs, and we are proud to have two of the best dog teams in the nation! Our dog, Rudolph the second , passed her National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association tests. NESDCA is a certifying organization assuring the highest quality standards of Scent Detection Canines.  Rudolph is are available for statewide service. 

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Rudolph* Retired 

We would like to thank Rudolph for all her years of service ! 

Rudolph was Alaska's first certified bed bug dog, and has been helping us detect bed bugs for 9 years. She was rescued out of a shelter in Florida where she then trained at the prestigious J & K Canine Academy for close to 4 months before her handler arrived. We then had her take the NESDCA test to get our certifications, which she passed in what is believed to be record time! The test consists of finding the exact location of two hides* placed in four rooms within 20 minutes. Rudolph has also won the national contest in Maryland. *(A hide is a couple of bugs in a very small container with a screen on top to let the smell of the bugs out).


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