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 Rudolph passed her tests, in what is believed to be RECORD time at J & K Academy . She also won the National contest in Maryland !  


 Posted on my competitors site:

A recently sponsored test of the Canine Scent Bed Bug Industry has recently released preliminary data. A summary will be included in an upcoming trade journal, PCT. It will be quite revealing as to the accuracy of this tool, and its APPROPRIATE place in the list of Bed Bug tools. We were proud to have participated in the funding of this first truly scientific review of the matter. When the data is made public, I will review it and post some of the information on our BB page.

3 years and nothing.. From this guy WHY because the dogs work !!


 Alaska’s first Certified bed bug dog. Rudolph is available for statewide service.

Rudolph's history:

She received her testing by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association. NESDCA is a certifying organization assuring the highest quality standards of Scent Detection Canines, and an information resource center for the consumer and pest control industry.

The NESDCA is committed to:

Providing Entomology Scent Detection Canine Teams with an evaluation process to maintain the highest quality standards.

  • Improving the image of Entomology Scent-Detecting Canine Teams.
  • Educating Consumers about the benefits of Using Properly Trained Entomology Scent Detecting Dog Teams in the process of locating, and eradicating pest problems.
  • Contributing to and Participating in Entomology Related Research

Rudolph is a rescue dog. She was rescued out of a shelter in Florida where she trained at the prestigious J & K Canine Academy for close to 4 months before her handler arrived.  Then we had to take the NESDCA test to get our certifications. To do that you have to find the exact location on two hides* placed in four rooms within 20 minutes. WE PASSED! *(A hide is couple of bugs in a very small container with a screen on top to let the smell of the bugs out) And now I would like to welcome Sierra.

Anchorage has one of the best dog teams in the NATION!  

Congratulations to Rudolf  on winning the “Bed Bug Super bowl” at the K-9 work shop in Maryland!!! Not only did they pass their NESDCA test but they beat 23 other teams in the “bed bug super bowl”

Reply from Pepe Owner of J&K Canine Academy (where we got Rudolph)

This test was not on my dogs, as far as it being a "Truly scientific review" it was funded by some folks who would gain by it showing poor results. In my opinion a truly scientific review is one that is not funded by any interested party; example would be the UF studies for the last 15 years. When they mention it ask for the independent data on their, by chance, monitors. Also ask for data on the human inspectors.